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A&S – Always Superior, Always Smarter…

When I was a child televisions came in a big wood cabinet. There was only black and white and the TV stations closed down after 10pm or so. Then there was a test pattern and if you were so inclined you could stare at it all night. As things progressed, the cabinets got bigger and […]

Teamwork & Solutions

Because we make cases for so many musicians and bands, we are really good at instruments and accessory cases. We have built many different styles of mic stand cases for both rock ‘n roll and the military. So when Loyola Marymount School of Film and Television sent me this picture with a request to build […]

Pink is the New Black

I always say I love the difficult to design cases. That I am tired of the guitar and amp cases. Sometimes the easy to design cases look difficult because they have lots of drawers and partitions and table legs. In reality, these are not difficult at all. They are very time consuming for the shop […]

A&S delivers for VirtualGT

This is the best job in the world!  Where else can you use all your creativity to design something perfect that is also completely practical?  And take the customer’s original wish list drawing and turn it into reality?  And not sort of or kind of like the original either!  Check out the pictures! I have […]

Non-laminated wood

A while back I talked about laminated wood and the types of laminates we use when we build cases.  We also build cases using wood that is not laminated.  I don’t mean wood that is bare but special types of wood that have the coating applied when the layers are laminated together. Generally, we use […]

Cool model

In the old days (I say that a lot) we designed cases on paper and the shop cut and routed the wood by hand with a saw and router.   While the guys who did the work were masterful, it was very time consuming and not always exactly the same.  A few years back we purchased […]

Kriz-Kraft Studio & Road Airack® with fans and sound suppression

Sometimes things just turn out perfectly.  And sometimes you have to make an adjustment or two and it is magic.  Such is the case of the A&S Kriz-Kraft Studio & Road Airack®.  Everyone had a version of them ten years ago.  Then it seems like the need went away or perhaps they didn’t work as […]


A&S was honored to be asked to make case pieces that would be part of an art exhibit. We make cases for exhibits all the time but to be part of an exhibit, now this is COOL! When we were asked to make pieces as large as 28′ feet long and 14′ feet high, we […]


When I first began designing cases in the 80’s the bulk of cases we designed and built were for the music industry.  Amps, guitars, keyboards, drums, and band instruments were high on the list.  Audio and computer cases were a very quick growing second.  This was back in time when monitors were still CRT technology […]

SLAM! Cases

Back in my younger days I was a champion door slammer.  It was the very best way to get rid of all that ire.  Slam that door as hard as you can!  And I always looked so demure people were stunned.  And the neighbors didn’t really like the fact that the entire apartment building shuddered.  […]